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February has come and gone and Sanaa and our family would like to thank you for all the support you have given to us thus far. February 2024 is definitely one for the History books for our family! We started the month with the launch of A Diver Like Me where we had friends and […]

Maryland high schooler hopes to encourage more young Black divers to try her sport

ROCKVILLE, Md. (7News) — A Maryland high schooler is turning a setback into inspiration for other young people, hoping to compete in the sport of diving by putting pen to paper with her own personal and powerful story. 15-year-old Seneca Valley student Sanaa Chege loves diving for the “adrenaline rush” and just “wanted to do something involving swimming.” […]

Seneca Valley High School Sophomore, Sanaa Chege, Writes Children’s Book

Sanaa Chege, a sophomore at Seneca Valley High School in Germantown, has written a children’s book about her experiences on the diving team at school. She began diving just last fall and now dives year-round. After seeing a lack of diversity on her team, she decided to write a book to share her journey to […]

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